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Who Can Join UPHS?

United Partners for Human Services has three categories of members: Regular Members, Affiliate Members, and Supportive Partner Members. A list of criteria for each category is listed below.

1. Criteria for Regular Members (must meet each of the following criteria)

  1. A non-profit agency, program or organization, but not an individual, doing work in the Big Bend area. The UPHS representative must be the Executive Director, Director, President or other title indicating Chief Executive Officer.

  2. The primary purpose or mission of the applicant agency, program or organization must be the provision of direct human services. United Partners for Human Services defines human service as the delivery of assistance and services to people. Primary purpose is defined as more than 50% of the organization's revenue is spent on the provision of direct human service.

  3. Applicants for Regular Membership must be able to describe their services in one or more of the following Categories of Human Service Agencies:

    • Children & Youth Services: Primarily serve children from birth through high school
    • Community Services: primarily serve a cross section of people who have a variety of human service needs that are referenced in the other categories on this list
    • Disability Services: primarily serve people with disabilities
    • Emergency Services: primarily provide emergency assistance to people
    • Family Services: primarily serve families, as opposed to individuals
    • Healthcare: primarily provide healthcare services to people
    • Senior Services: primarily serve senior citizens
    • Substance Abuse Services: primarily work with substance addicted people
    • Housing Services: primarily work on housing needs for people
    • Basic Needs Services: primarily provide people with basic needs
    • Mental Health Services: primary mission is to provide mental health services to people
    • Employment & Training Services: primary mission is to provide services to or for adults to promote skill building, literacy, trade instruction and employment opportunities

2. Criteria for Affiliate Members (must meet any one of the following Criteria)

  1. Non-profit organizations whose primary mission is something other than the provision of direct human services.

  2. Non-profit organizations that do not provide services within the Big Bend area (Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor and Wakulla counties).

3. Criteria for Supportive Partner Members (must meet any one of the following Criteria)

  1. For-profit organizations, companies or corporations.

  2. Individuals.

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